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API key details

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What is an API key?

If you access an object via the REST API, the API Key you use must have permission of the event or user, to whom the accessed object belongs to:

  • Event - belongs to the host of the event
  • Ticket - belongs to the host of the event, the ticket belongs to (not the ticket holder)
  • Payment - belongs to the host of the event, the payment belongs to (not the buyer of the payment)
  • User - belongs to this user (of course) with two exceptions. The methods find and exist will return information even if you don't have permission of the user

How to gain user or event permission?

Possibilities to gain permission of an user:

  • you are the creator of the user (calling /user/create with your Api Key).
  • you call /user/<id>/requestPermission

See the docs for more information about these methods.

Possibilities to gain permission of an event:

How to get an API key?

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