Due to PCI compliant reasons we're going to turn off support for TLS v1.0 on all of our servers.
Please check/update you API implementations to support TLS v1.2 until 29.06.2018

Getting Started

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This page will guide you through the steps of creating your first project.

1. Create a XING Events account

Obviously, you'll need an account on XING Events. Go to https://www.xing-events.com/signup/signup.html if you have not created one yet. You should also create a test event.

2. Create an API key for your event

This How-To explains how to create an API key for your event: How to get your API key.

3. Make your first call

We created a public demo event for this purpose and added a test API key. If you copy and paste the following URL into your browser, you can see a standard amiando API response.


The call will have this result:

   "title":"Put your event title here",
   "organisatorDisplayName":"Rockstar Developer",

What to do next?