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REST API ErrorCodes

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This page contains the complete list of errorcodes returned by the REST API.

Error response format

If an error occured while processing the request, one or more errors will be returned in following format.

{"errors":[<error1>, <error2>],"success":false}

For example


General Errorcodes

Not authorized

Error com.amiando.api.rest.NotAuthorized
HTTP Status 403
Description You tried to access an object where you do not have the necessary permissions.

Invalid API key

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidApiKey
HTTP Status 403
Description You provided an invalid api key.

Missing parameter

Error com.amiando.api.rest.MissingParam.<param>
HTTP Status 400
Description You didn't provide the required parameter.

Invalid format

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidFormat.<property>
HTTP Status 400
Description The format of the property is not correct (for example: a date field).

Invalid path

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidPath
HTTP Status 404
Description You specified an invalid url.

Invalid version

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidVersion
HTTP Status 400
Description You are using an invalid version or missing the version parameter.

Object not found

Error com.amiando.api.rest.ObjectNotFound
HTTP Status 404
Description The object you requested could not be found.

Invalid Resource ID

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidResourceId
HTTP Status 400
Description The resource ID you specified in a read or update request was not a number. Maybe you used GET with a .../create-Request?

Internal server exception

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InternalServerException.<error id>
HTTP Status 500
Description An internal error has occured. You can contact amiando support using the "error id" to get additional information about the error.

User Errorcodes

Required field missing

Error com.amiando.User.<Field>Required
HTTP Status 400
Description You are trying to create or to update an user object and didn't provide the property <field>.
NOTE: If you get the errorcode com.amiando.User.IdentifierRequired, you didn't provide the property username.

Invalid sign up promotion code

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidSignUpPromotionCode
HTTP Status 400
Description You are trying to create a user object, but the sign up promotion code was incorrect. The user was not created.

Event Errorcodes

Identifier exists

Error com.amiando.Event.IdentifierExists
HTTP Status 400
Description You're trying to update the public event identifier, but the value is already in use.

Invalid visibility

Error com.amiando.api.rest.InvalidVisibility
HTTP Status 400
Description You're trying to update the property visibility, but the value you provided was invalid.

Ticketshop Errorcodes

Can't change currency

Error com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency
HTTP Status 400
Description You can't change the currency of a ticket shop, if the event is not in demo mode anymore and has already sold tickets.