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| <tt>RW-</tt><br>  
| <tt>RW-</tt><br>  
| Should user data be collected in the ticketshop?
| Should user data be collected in the ticketshop?
| Default: <tt>false</tt>
| Default: <tt>true</tt>
| maxPossibleNumberOfParticipants
| maxPossibleNumberOfParticipants

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Object type: ticketShop

This page contains information about all properties and methods regarding the ticket shop, a single sub-object of event. A ticketshop will automatically be created when you create an event. That's why you only have read and update access, but no create access. If you delete the related event, the ticketshop will also be deleted.


Attributes: R - accessible in read requests W - accessible in write (update) requests C - accessible in create requests

Attributes Description

The internal id of this object.
The date/time the shop will be closed and no new purchases can be done anymore.
Is true if the event is in the past or cancelled (if event is still in demo mode, this property is always false).
The disagio of the ticket.
Money R--
The base fee of the ticket shop.
Integer R--
The disagio for products sold through this ticket shop.
feeInclusive Boolean RW-
Wether the fee will be included in the ticket price or not. Default: true
shipmentFeeInclusive Boolean RW-
Wether the shipment fee will be included in the ticket price or not.
Deprecated! This feature is not supported anymore and will always be set to false
Default: false
commercial Boolean RW-
Wether the event is a commercial event. Only commercial events have salesTax. Default: true
salesTax Percentage RW-
For commercial events, the sales tax. 1% = 100, 19% = 1900. Default: depends on country
availableLimit Integer RW-
The global number of available tickets in this event. Default: null
showAvailableTickets Boolean RW-
Wether the number of available tickets will be shown in the ticket shop or not. Default: true
currency Currency RW-
The currency of the ticket shop. Default: EUR
cancelationPossible Boolean RW-
Do you want to allow the cancelation of ticket pruchases? Default: true
ticketsEditable Boolean RW-
Is the buyer allowed to edit the ticket data after the purchase Default: true
ticketsTransferable Boolean RW-
Is it allowed to transfer the ticket to another person after the purchase Default: true
numTicketsSold Integer R--
The global number of sold tickets for this ticket shop.
totalIncome Money R--
The total amount of income generated with this ticket shop.
totalFees Money R--
The total amount of fees generated with this ticket shop.
collectUserData Boolean RW-
Should user data be collected in the ticketshop? Default: true
maxPossibleNumberOfParticipants Integer R--
The maximum number of participants for this event.
numTicketsChecked Integer R--
The number of checked tickets of this ticket shop.
vatId String RW-
The VAT ID of this ticket shop.
ownTermsAndConditions URL RW-
URL to additional terms and conditions of the event.



Call GET /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Description This request will return the ticket shop object of the event with the specified internal id. The response contains all properties marked with R.
Response {"ticketShop":{...}, "success":true}.
Errors See General Errorcodes.


Call POST /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Parameters All properties marked with W.
Description This request will update the properties of the ticket shop of the event with the internal id <id>. Only properties which are provided as parameters will be updated.
Response {"success":true}.
Errors com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency
See General Errorcodes.
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