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Object type: ticketShop

This page contains information about all properties and methods regarding the ticket shop, a single sub-object of event.


Attributes: R - accessible in read requests W - accessible in write (update) requests C - accessible in create requests

Attributes Description
The internal id of this object.
The disagio of the ticket shop.
Money R--
The base fee of the ticket shop.
Integer R--
The disagio for products sold through this ticket shop.
feeInclusive Boolean RW-
Wether the fee will be included in the ticket price or not.
shipmentFeeInclusive Boolean RW-
Wether the shipment fee will be included in the ticket price or not.
commercial Boolean RW-
Wether the event is a commercial event. Only commercial events have salesTax.
salesTax Integer RW-
For commercial events, the sales tax. 1% = 100, 19% = 1900.
availableLimit Integer RW-
The global number of available tickets across all ticket categories.
showAvailableTickets Boolean RW-
Wether the number of available tickets will be shown in the ticket shop or not.
currency Currency RW-
The currency of the ticket shop.
cancelationPossible Boolean RW-
Do you want to allow the cancelation of ticket pruchases?
numTicketsSold Integer R--
The global number of sold tickets for this ticket shop.
totalIncome Money R--
The total amount of income generated with this ticket shop.
totalFees Money R--
The total amount of fees generated with this ticket shop.
collectUserData Boolean RW-
Should user data be collected in the ticketshop?
maxPossibleNumberOfParticipants Integer R--
The maximum number of participants for this event.



Call GET /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Description This request will return the ticket shop object of the event with the specified internal id. The response contains all properties marked with R.
Response {"ticketShop":{...}, "success":true}.
Errors See General Errorcodes.


Call POST /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Parameters All properties marked with W.
Description This request will update the properties of the ticket shop of the event with the internal id <id>. Only properties which are provided as parameters will be updated.
Response {"success":true}.
Errors com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency
See General Errorcodes.