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Object type: apiKey


API key objects provide the following properties.

Attributes: R - accessible in read requests W - accessible in write (update) requests C - accessible in create requests

Property Type Attributes Description
id Integer R-- The internal database id of this object.
key String R-- The API key access information.
identifier String R-- The identifier of this API key.
String R-C The name of the API key. required
enabled String RW- Whether this API key is enabled or not.
String R-C The permission type of this API key. Can be one of: ADMIN, EDITOR, ATTENDEE_MANAGER, VIEWER


Additional to the standard methods described in API Overview the API key interface provides following methods.


Call POST /api/apiKey/create
Parameters Required is name.
Description This request will create an API key and will return the internal id and the API key information. The internal id can be used for update requests. The API key can be used to request permissions for users or events. See Request Permission or Grant Permission
Response {"id":<internal id>,"success":true,"apiKey":{"key":...}}.
Needed key type Any (but can only create an API key with the same maximum level)
Errors See General Errorcodes.


Call POST /api/apiKey/<id>
Parameters All properties marked with W.
Description This request will update the properties of the API key with the internal id <id>. Only properties which are provided as parameters will be updated.
Response {"success":true}.
Needed key type Administrator, Editor
Errors See General Errorcodes.
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