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Object type: userData

The userData object is a nested object to read additional information of a ticket buyer requested by the organizer during the purchase process. This can be retrieved as an array attribute on the Payment and Ticket object or agregated on the Participant object.


Attributes: R - accessible in read requests W - accessible in write (update) requests C - accessible in create requests

Attributes Description
fieldId Number R-- The internal ID of this user data field.
title String R-- The title of the user data object. Can be shown to the user.
The "level" of the user data item. This can either be "PAYMENT" meaning that this information is requested per payment or "TICKET" if the information is requested for each ticket.
orderNumber Number R-- Order number of this user data field (if you display the user fields of this event to any user, order them by this number).
type String R-- Possible values:
string — value is of type String.
email — value is of type String.
date — value is of type Date.
datetime — value is of type Date.
radio — value is of type Integer.
checkbox — value is of type Boolean.
dropdown — value is of type String.
photo — value is of type String.
file — value is of type String.
gender — value is of type Integer.
url — value is of type String.
birthday — value is of type Date.
address — value is an object of type Address.
phone — value is of type String.
country — value is of type Country.
textarea — value is of type String.
required Boolean R-- Is this a mandatory field in the buying process?
value depends on type R-- The value the ticket buyer provided for this user data object.
This parameter is not present at the Enumerate userDataFields function.
userDataOptionKey String R--
Only present if this item represents a dropdown or radio button and represents which of the multiple options the user has chosen (for the list of possible values see UserDataDefinition: User Data Options).
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