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XING Events provides you with a variety of APIs ranging from easy-to-use widgets to the full blown XING EventManager REST API. Use the overview below to find the right API technology for your project.
Available API technologies

HTML Widgets for event hosts

When you are hosting your ticketing events with XING Events nothing is easier than integrating them into your own website. In your XING Events account you can easily access HTML code to copy/paste into your website or CMS with a few clicks and without a single line of code. The most requested widgets are:

  • ticket shops with payment
  • a list or a calendar of all events you are currently organizing
  • a list of participants attending the event

XING EventManager REST API

This is the main API. The API is based on a RESTful JSON interface. Use this API to create objects (e.g. users and events) and to get information about events (e.g. participant list for events). Typical use cases are:

  • Retrieve event participants to synchronize with a CRM
  • Retrieve ticket payments to synchronize with ERP and e-commerce tracking
  • Create users and events to automate workflows
  • Mobile application to validate tickets at an event

Read the documentation on XING EventManager REST API

Tracking Webhooks

A Webhook is a script on your server that will be called with all relevant information whenever a registration is happening in your event. Typical use case:

  • Integrate your event with your e-commerce tracking / analytics tool
  • Save attendee and payment data into your database or CRM
  • Send out emails with additional documents to attendees after ticket purchase

Read the documentation on Tracking Webhooks

Integrate Google Analytics

To integrate your Google Analytics with your event please look into our Google Analytics Documentation