Getting Started

From XING Events Developer Documentation

This page will guide you through the steps of creating your first project.

1. Create a XING Events account

Obviously, you'll need an account on XING Events. Go to if you have not created one yet. You should also create a test event.

2. Create an API key for your event

This How-To explains how to create an API key for your event: How to get your API key.

3. Activate developer mode (optional)

To get started more easily we provide a "developer mode". Activate it in your account settings ( After activating that mode you will see the internal IDs of your objects like your user, your events, etc. in the administration area.

4. Make your first call

List all events of your account by calling the "enumerate events" call. You need your API key (created in Step 2) and your user ID (visible in your account settings after activating the development mode).
To call this endpoint you API key needs to be added in the Authorization header, e.g.:

curl --request GET '<yourUserId>/events' --header 'Authorization: ApiKey <yourApiKey>'

We also support adding the API key as a query parameter to the URL (?apikey=<yourApiKey>). This may be used for simple testing but is not recommended in production systems since it bares some security risks.

What to do next?