Pre-fill data in ticket shop

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If you already know some information about your attendee, you might want to spare him the work of entering everything himself in the ticket buying process. Typical use-cases are:

  • - You have a logged-in area for your customers
  • - You send out an email campaign to invite known customers
  • - You want to invite a customer who just bought a ticket to buy another ticket or product in a different ticket shop

We currently offer two solutions to pre-fill the forms of the ticket shop:

  1. 1. via API
  2. 2. via URL parameter

Pre-fill data via REST API

Solution 1 involves creating a new purchase with our REST API, set all the data in the appropriate fields and display the ticketshop as IFrame to the customer to finish his purchase (or even do the full purchase for him via API if it is a free ticket). If you are interested in this solution, please have a look at our How-To: Pre-fill the ticketshop with buyer data via REST API

Pre-fill data via URL parameter

For solution 2, you append the data you know to the URL of the event page (or IFrame). The customer will see the normal ticket selection screen and as he progresses in the purchase, the forms will be pre-filled (e.g. with his personal billing address).

If a user opens this link (replace "<YourEventIdentifier>" with the identifier of your event), the Name "Jon Doe" will be pre-filled in the billing address form.

This is the list of supported parameters:

discountCode Automatically add and apply the attached discount code
Standard fields at billing address step:
field_paymentSalutation Salutation of attendee at billing address step (0=Mr, 1=Ms., 2=Mrs.)
field_paymentTitle Title of attendee at billing address step (Dr., Prof., ...)
field_paymentFirstname First name at billing address step
field_paymentLastname Last name at billing address step
field_paymentCompany Company at billing address step
field_paymentStreet Street at billing address step
field_paymentStreet2 Additional part for street at billing address step
field_paymentZipCode Zip code at billing address step
field_paymentCity City at billing address step
field_paymentState US State at billing address step (use two digit state code from ISO 3166-2:US)
field_paymentCountry Country at billing address step (use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes)
field_paymentEmail Email address at billing address step
field_paymentTelephone Telephone number at billing address step
field_paymentReferenceNo Reference number at billing address step
field_paymentVatId VAT-ID at billing address step
Custom fields at billing address step: (see below table for more details)
field_payment_<field_id> Set a value for a custom field you added to the billig address step
Shipment address:
field_shipmentFirstname First name of shipment address
field_shipmentLastname Last name of shipment address
field_shipmentCompany Company of shipment address
field_shipmentStreet Street of shipment address
field_shipmentStreet2 Additional part for street of shipment address
field_shipmentZipCode Zip code of shipment address
field_shipmentCity City of shipment address
field_shipmentState US State of shipment address (use two digit state code from ISO 3166-2:US)
field_shipmentCountry Country of shipment address (use ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes)
Standard fields at ticket data step: replace <i> with the ticket number (e.g. field_ticket1Email, field_ticket2Email)
field_ticketSalutation Salutation of attendee (0=Mr, 1=Ms., 2=Mrs.)
field_ticketTitle Title of attendee (Dr., Prof., ...)
field_ticketFirstname First name of attendee
field_ticketLastname Last name of attendee
field_ticketCompany Company of attendee
field_ticketEmail Email of attendee
Custom fields at ticket data step: (see below table for more details)
field_ticket_<field_id> Set a value for a custom field you added to the billig address step

To set values for the cstom fields you added to the ticket shop (e.g. text boxes, checkboxes, etc.) you need to get the internal ID of that field to set the value in the URL.
You can retrieve the ID via our REST API Enumerate userDataDefinitions.

  • - Fields of type "date" need to be addressed in the format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss
  • - Fields of type "gender" have the format: 0=male, 1=female, -1=other
  • - Fields of type "checkbox" expect 0 (unchecked) or 1 (checked)
  • - Fields of type "dropdown" and "radio" expect our "key" for the desired item (see 'userDataOptionKey' in User Data Options
  • - Fields of type "address" expect each element as a separate parameter (Street, Street2, ZipCode, City, State, Country), e.g. field_ticket1_19053051Street=street)

Additional notes:

  • - Additional products can not be set with this approach
  • - Always remember to URL encode your values