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| addZeroTicketFees  
| addZeroTicketFees  
| [[REST_API_Formats#Boolean|Boolean]]
| [[REST_API_Formats#Boolean|Boolean]]
| <tt>RWC</tt><br>  
| <tt>R--</tt><br>  
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| '''Errors'''
| '''Errors'''
| See [[REST API ErrorCodes#General_Errorcodes|General Errorcodes]].<br><tt>[[REST_API_ErrorCodes#Can.27t_change_currency|com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency]]</tt>
| <tt>[[REST_API_ErrorCodes#Can.27t_change_currency|com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency]]</tt><br>See [[REST API ErrorCodes#General_Errorcodes|General Errorcodes]].

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This page contains information about all properties and methods regarding the ticket shop, a single sub-object of event.


Attributes: R - accessible in read requests W - accessible in write (update) requests C - accessible in create requests

Attributes Description
The internal id of this object.
paymentBaseFee String R--
Integer R--
Integer R--
addZeroTicketFees Boolean R--
feeInclusive Boolean RWC
Wether the fee will be included in the ticket price or not.
shipmentFeeInclusive Boolean RWC
Wether the shipment fee will be included in the ticket price or not.
commercial Boolean RWC
Wether the event is a commercial event. Only commercial events have salesTax.
salesTax Integer RWC
For commercial events, the sales tax.
availableLimit Integer RWC
The global number of available tickets across all ticket categories.
showAvailableTickets Boolean RWC
Wether the number of available tickets will be shown in the ticket shop or not.
currency String RWC
The currency of the ticket shop.
cancelationPossible Boolean RWC
Do you want to allow the cancelation of ticket pruchases?
numTicketsSold Integer R--
The global number of sold tickets for this ticket shop.
totalIncome Integer R--
The total amount of income generated with this ticket shop.
totalFees Integer R--
The total amount of fees generated with this ticket shop.



Call POST /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Parameters All properties marked with W.
Description This request will update the properties of the ticket shop of the event with the internal id <id>. Only properties which are provided as parameters will be updated.
Response {"success":true}.
Errors com.amiando.ticketShop.cantChangeCurrency
See General Errorcodes.


Call GET /api/event/<id>/ticketShop
Description This request will return the ticket shop object of the event with the specified internal id. The response contains all properties marked with R.
Response {"ticketShop":{...}, "success":true}.
Errors See General Errorcodes.